How It's Made

All wine barrels are upcycled


Want to know what goes into our
custom fire pits?

I LOVE this part. Why? Because it's what gives everyone comfort that their hard-earned money into this conversation piece is heirloom worthy! Only the best components are used to make the premium fire pit setup you'd expect at a very reasonable price.

First, the drilling...

Every hoop and stave (the vertical, wooden piece of the barrel) are drilled and fastened with a #10 hex screw to not only give it a riveted look, but tighten the barrel so it won't ever fall apart. When finished, there are over 400 screws making it as solid as a rock!

Next, the sanding, staining & sealing...

Each barrel is sanded and receives two coats of a Dark Walnut stain. Want a different finish? Just ask if you'd like something else!  After the stain dries, we apply two coats of a Spar Urethane: a clear coat that provides UV protection and is mold & mildew resistant.  

It's a family business!

Forming the fire pan...

Using a specific wine barrel matters. When mounted to the head of the barrel we then use a torch and a 2lb. sledge hammer... about 500 "taps" and a dozen laps around the barrel gently form the edge over the chime (lip) of the barrel. This gives it the unique look and protection from any potential burn to the barrel itself.

Attaching the burner...

Harnessing up to 250,000 BTU's is no joking matter! All plumbing is secured tightly to the barrel and metal pan. Don't worry, the flame is adjustable and controlled by a fireplace key mounted on the side of the barrel for easy access.

Did you ring?!?

Most of our orders request the coffee table ring and tabletop cover. The wood is OSB, which is water resistant (what's under your roofing shingles), glued (with water resistant glue) and screwed together to form a 1.5" thick table. We then bond a Galvalume (galvanized metal with zinc & aluminum) metal to it, creating a surface that is rust-proof, more scratch-resistant, easy to clean and super durable. Not to mention WAY cool looking! 


Have more questions - give us a call and we would be happy to chat with you on the phone about it!