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Wine Barrel Dude

Coffee Table Model

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Fuel Set UP
47" Wide Metal/Wood Table Ring
Tabletop Cover

250K BTU's! 
Our unique Galvalume (rust proof) surface is adhered to treated wood, to make this piece last for years without worry of maintenance. 

🔥 Fire pit height ~24" 
🔥 Standard 20lb propane tank fits inside base
🔥 Natural gas setup available as well
🔥 Door opens on base to allow easy access to propane cylinder (or gas shut off)
🔥 Propane tank is supported on wooden floor suspended from inside of the barrel (so nothing touches the ground)

Additional 47" Wide Metal/Wood Table Ring:
🔥 47" wide metal/wood table ring is typically set @ 20" ground to table surface
🔥 Accommodates a standard 10.5" dinner plate

Additional Tabletop Cover:
🔥 Tabletop Cover is to protect the burner & provide additional countertop space when not in use


*Propane tank not included

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